The Human Atlas

2014 - 2019

This is a project about privacy and time.

These photos were taken with IP Cameras (used mainly as security cameras). Most of these devices have public IPs that people use to access them on the web. In terms of photography, accessing these devices allows you to frame, focus and even adjust exposition.

For the last six years I've been browsing thousands of images from hundreds of cameras around the world trying to find moments with photographic value, but mainly as part of a serie that tries to raise its individual questions.

Some of those series might be a project with its own purpose (as in Colorado Color Palette or A Cage) but all of them serve as a milestone in the bigger narrative: our relationship with time and wait in this landscape that we paint as society, and the things we need to feel safe.

You may browse each serie clicking on its first photograph below.

#color  #fine art