Sigtuna Trees


Sigtuna is situated at the bay Skarven, stretching around Upplands-Bro and a part of Lake Mälaren.

I shot these seventeen photographs during two days at different light scenarios.

This project it's meant to be a representation of death and aging. The trees in Sigtuna rest by the lake side. The water has started to break the soil beneath them so they are starting to fall slowly into the water.

T.S. Eliot used water as a symbol of death in the past: Phlebas, a sailor from The Waste Land, faced the negative side of water.

In the catholic culture, baptism itself is portrayed as a death symbol in the bible: Richard T. Ritenbaugh describes this doctrine as follows "Being put into the water represents the death of the old man. Being covered by water symbolizes burial, and being raised from the water pictures a resurrection to newness of life."

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