The original conception of AZCA dates back to the Plan General de Ordenación Urbana de Madrid (PGOU), approved in 1946. The purpose of this plan was to create a block of modern office buildings with metro and railway connections. Nowadays this area is a huge labyrinth of concrete whose corridors are mostly deserted. The reconstruction of AZCA started in 2016 with Plaza Pablo Ruiz Picasso.

This is an exploration to collect the atmosphere of this place before its reshuffle as an instrument to frame nature in particular spaces and our relationship with those spaces: how they evolve with (or without) our care, where do we locate them and why. Nature itself doesn't have any presence in the first photographs, but begins to conquer its place both in the project and in the spaces that are being photographed..

You may want to read the diary around this project, or browse all its photographs (password protected, request access).

#color  #documentary  #fine art