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About AZCA V

I've been shooting in AZCA for five months now. The rehabilitation of Plaza Pablo Ruiz Picasso has started and a more big reshuffle is a strong possibility in the upcoming months.

I'm happy with the result so far. The initial landscapes have disappeared and the smallest details have emerged as the strongest visual representation of AZCA.

The project itself has a new meaning, and its goal is to document the city as an instrument to frame the nature in particular spaces, and our relationship with those spaces.

  • About AZCA IV

    After a couple of visits and lots of photographs, the project seems to be founded more in the details and objets as the representation of the atmosphere of the complex, rather than its landscapes. On the other hand, some of the more distinctive elements…

    About AZCA VI

    I've been working with objects and small spaces around the "framed nature" concept, trying to find images that inspire certain questions when they separate its (frequently unnoticed) subjects from their context. This tree. Who decided to place it in this…