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After a couple of visits and lots of photographs, the project seems to be founded more in the details and objets as the representation of the atmosphere of the complex, rather than its landscapes.

On the other hand, some of the more distinctive elements in AZCA are also kind of difficult to photograph due to the orography of the area. For example: I've been trying to frame the pyramid in Plaza Pablo Ruiz Picasso detached from its context with terrible results.

  • About AZCA III

    I'm working on different approaches to photograph AZCA. I've been shooting mainly landscape photography to map the whole area and to identify the different paths and its possibilities. One of the first challenges will be finding moments to photograph the…

    About AZCA V

    I've been shooting in AZCA for five months now. The rehabilitation of Plaza Pablo Ruiz Picasso has started and a more big reshuffle is a strong possibility in the upcoming months.I'm happy with the result so far. The initial landscapes have disappeared…