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I'm working on different approaches to photograph AZCA. I've been shooting mainly landscape photography to map the whole area and to identify the different paths and its possibilities. One of the first challenges will be finding moments to photograph the area with no people in it as I hope to show some level of desolation.

The possibilities seem huge in the first visits. One of the themes that I hope to explore is the total absence of color in the architecture versus the disregarded nature.

  • Paul Strand's Letter

    “We are all students, some are for longer than more experienced ones. When you leave to be students, you may tire of being alive with respect to the direction of your work. Therefore I speak from student to student. I mean, so before you spend time on…

    About AZCA IV

    After a couple of visits and lots of photographs, the project seems to be founded more in the details and objets as the representation of the atmosphere of the complex, rather than its landscapes. On the other hand, some of the more distinctive elements…