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I've found an old issue of Revista Nacional de Arquitectura, from May 1955. The magazine itself is a piece of art, filled with classic ads and old typographies from the 50s, it also contains the first appearance of Perpiñá's project in media.

These are two of the pages about Perpiñá's proposal.

  • About AZCA

    I'm doing a lot of research about the architecture in AZCA. These are some images from Perpiñá's original project for the area. The main idea was the total separation of pedestrians and vehicles in different layers of parkings and paths. A botanical…

    Paul Strand's Letter

    “We are all students, some are for longer than more experienced ones. When you leave to be students, you may tire of being alive with respect to the direction of your work. Therefore I speak from student to student. I mean, so before you spend time on…